Subway Live IQ, is an online software tool available as a website and mobile app. They are designed and developed for Subway members (individual restaurants) and employees to provide them with real-time live statistics for the respective Subway restaurant. These statistics include reports on sales performance, schedules, and productivity. The main function of this software application is to enable managers and high-level employees to monitor businesses in real-time and intervene when problems arise. The software tool also provides comprehensive information regarding individual sales.Subway-Live-IQThis franchise is known for its sub sandwiches, wraps, drinks, and salads. This fast-food franchise has franchises all over the world. Restaurant chain Subway was founded in 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, by Frederick De Luca and Peter Buck. Originally called Pete’s Super Submarines, it changed its name to Subway after it became a fast-food franchise in 1974. The company’s tagline is “Eat Fresh,” which describes the use of fresh vegetables and ingredients in its foods.

After opening the franchise, the company opened its second restaurant in Wallingford Town, Connecticut. These restaurants continued to expand to more than 37,540 locations in 100 countries around the world, making them one of the fastest-growing supermarket chains in 2015. Half of the restaurants currently operated by Subway are located in the United States. Food from the company differs from country to country, and the brand adds more local flavors to catch the attention of people in different countries.


In addition, the company has achieved many accomplishments over the years, including the world’s largest single-brand network and largest restaurant operator. The Subway franchise employs more than 410,000 people in its restaurants worldwide. John Chidsey is the CEO of Subway. While property rights remain with the De Luca family. In addition to non-vegetarian restaurants, Subway Franchise opened its first pure vegetarian restaurants in India in two cities.