Signing-in is the easiest and safest way to access the portal. It is not necessary to follow the traditional manual search method on the portal. This process is very frustrating and a waste of time. You’ll find all the links you need to access Subway Live IQ on our Shop For Tool portal. Peak times are when you expect the day to be busier than usual. With the crew hours feature, you can set a rule in the basic mode about how many employees you need to schedule for those hours.Subway-Live-IQThe “Subway Live IQ” portal offers many functions to users. Features include productivity reports, sales reports, key performance indicators (KPIs), WISR summary, cash registers, employee check-in/checkout data, productivity trends, real-time data, etc. LiveIQ offers a range of tools to help you optimize staffing in your energy restaurants. These tools include peak hours, working hours, and optimal productivity.


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How To Login For Subway Live IQ?

The user must follow the specified steps to access their respective accounts. Here are the immediate steps to signing up for Subway Live IQ.

  • Accessing the official website may be necessary to begin the login process.
  • The employee must now enter the username and password on the home page.
  • In the final step of the process, the user can click on the Sign-In button.

Login Requirements

  • Providing the username and password of the metropolitan company.
  • The company may have provided headquarters with its email address and password.


  • Website source address.
  • The device must be compatible, such as a mobile phone, PC, tablet, or laptop.
  • High-speed Internet access with a modern web browser.
  • Install antivirus protection systems or firewalls on your device to protect it from data theft and hackers.

Why Subway Live IQ?

First, the “Subway Live IQ” platform is only accessible to the Subway franchise’s restaurant partners and employees (managers). Second, the platform in question comes in two formats, a website, and a mobile app version. You can install the app or visit the web address provided above.

Users can monitor online sales performance reports for a day or a week for a particular metropolitan restaurant through this portal. These reports include the individual sales performance of each food or beverage and food and labor costs.

Through this web portal, employees can access restaurant transaction summaries. These transaction summaries consist of extended statistics of past and present transactions. The web portal also displays hourly totals for various information such as productivity, sales, hours worked, average and actual units, and more.