Over the years, the company has achieved many successes, including becoming the world’s largest single-brand network and operating the world’s largest restaurant chain. Across the globe, Subway restaurants employ more than 410,000 people. Subway CEO John Chidsey is the company’s president. Ownership of the company’s property remains with the De Luca family. In addition to non-vegetarian restaurants, Subway Franchise opened two vegetarian restaurants in India.


Live IQ Login Platform of the Subway Partner.

Subway Live IQ metro partner platform offers various benefits for employees or users accessing the corresponding web portal. For example,

  • Users can monitor online sales performance reports for a day or a week for a particular metropolitan restaurant through this portal. These reports include the individual sales performance of each food or beverage and food and labor costs.
  • Each employee can access the restaurant transaction database. Detailed reports detail past and current transactions. You can use the graph function to understand the transaction summary better.
  • The web portal also displays hourly totals for various information such as productivity, sales, hours worked, average and actual units, and more.
  • Users can also access two key performance indicators (KPIs) related to owner and restaurant KPIs. These KPIs help managers understand the individual performance of each aspect for restaurants and owners so that they can take action against the underperforming elements.
  • The portal or web platform also displays the cash book records at the end of the day, consisting of various aspects like taxable sales, withdrawals, deposits, cash, etc.
  • The WISR summary allows managers to access all the details of the sales reports for all aspects of the restaurants.
  • Each employee’s registration/exit data is displayed on the web portal for online access by managers instead of going to a restaurant every day.
  • Access real-time trends and productivity reports for an hour, a day, or a week.