Subway Live IQ, is an online software tool available as both a website and as well as a mobile application. Designed and Developed for the partners (individual restaurants), & employees of Subway to offer them live real-time stats of the particular subway restaurant. These stats include sales performance, hourly, and productivity reports.Subway-Live-IQThe main function of this software tool is to enable managers or top employees to monitor the restaurant in real-time and take actions against issues affecting their profits. In addition, the platform also provides detailed information about Individual Sales Transactions. They can also access the info regarding the employee check-in/check-out of the restaurants in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does an employee receive an invitation email?

Check the Employee Details on LiveIQ for that employee. The LiveIQ Subway® Labor section shows if an invitation was sent or not. If it was sent, ask your employee to check the junk email folder for the email. If it was not sent, check the email address and resend the invitation if necessary.

An employee cannot register for the LiveIQ Employee App. Why not?

Your employee needs two pieces of information to register — a unique access code and date of birth. Make sure that the date of birth is recorded correctly within Employee Details on LiveIQ Labor. Employees must also have Subway Partners® credentials to access the LiveIQ Employee App.

How to avoid common web issues while accessing the “Subway Live IQ” platform?

The common web portal issues can be easily avoided by following some precautions such as updating the web browser, good internet connection, using secured browsers, deleting cache and search history, etc.

You can also learn about the mobile application version of this platform and how to download this app for free. In addition, you can also access information about the company’s food ordering & delivery platform and its many features.